Farali Sabudana Vada Instant Mix 200 Gram


Items : Sabudana., Crushed Roasted Groundnuts 50 g., Potatos -2 Nos., Green Chilli-Ginger Paste 50 g., Edible oil.

  1. Wash Sabudana and keep in clean water about 4 to 5 Hrs., then after dry it. Boiled the potatos, peel it and crush properly, mix with sabudana.
  2. Add “SHRI HARI” Farali Sabudana Vada Instant Mix in above mix content, then add some water and Green Chilli-Ginger paste in it. Prepare content for sabudana vada.
  3. Take mixture content of sabudana vada in hand and shape each portion into a round to form a soft dough. Deep fry a few time on a medium flame until they are golden brown in color and drain on absorbent paper or dish. Serve with curd or chutney.


sabudana vada recipe

Sabudana Vada is a popular deep fried Maharashtrian snack made with Sago and Potato and spices. This makes an interesting evening snack or you could serve it for breakfast.

Sabudana Vada recipe is one of the most popular dishes that is enjoyed during fasting periods such as Navratri, Shivratri, and other religious fasts. This doesn’t mean that we cannot enjoy it any other time.

Made these Sabudana Vada as an appetizer for dinner when I invited my family over and was loved by everyone.

Sabudana Vada recipe is a traditional deep-fried dish from Maharashtra, India but mainly eaten during the fast in other parts of the country.

These vadas are made with minimum ingredients and the main ones are potatoes, sabudana, and peanuts.

These Vadas do need some preparation as we need to soak the sabudana, boil the potatoes, roast the peanuts so this snack is not something you can make on the whim and definitely needs planning.

However you can make these vadas in advance and store them in airtight container in refrigerator for couple of days or freeze them and use as required.

So when you are in the mood to have these just fry or even better Air-Fry them and serve. Yes!! you read it right!! Now you can enjoy these Sabudana Vada guilt-free by air frying them.

They come out perfectly golden brown and crispy.

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Sago, Moriya, Sugar, Black paper, Rock Salt, Cumin Sheeds, Red chilli, Turmeric, Garam Masala (All ingredients in Powder form)

Fat2.4g/100 g.
Protein7.5 g /100 g.
Carbohydrate/100 g. (Sugar : 9.4 g.)80.8 g/ 100 g.
Energy value Kcal/ 100 g.374.8 K / 100g.

Additional information

Weight0.200 kg
Dimensions45 × 56 × 55 cm


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