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Dabeli Masala + Spicy Chutney + Khati Mithi Chutney (100gm)


  • Ready To Cook Masala.
  • No Need to Use Dry Masala & Salt.
  • No Onion, No Garlic Masala.
  • 100% Natural Products

1) Take 250g. potato boil and crush it well.
2) Heat 100g oil, add crushed potatoes and complete packet masala, mix it well.
3) Heat for 15 to 20 minutes.
Dabeli stuff is ready to use.

(1) In one cup of Water, dissolve 1 packet masala powder completely & make a paste (2) In a pan take 250 ml(Big glass off water and add the paste with 100g jaggery. Boil for 10 to 15 minutes till it thickens. (3) Cool it and use as per need.

Spicy Chutney
Suitable with Vadapav, dabeli, Masala Pav, Fried Idli, Dhokla, Khaman and for daily use.
Add garlic as per taste in this chutney to make tasty garlic chutney which can be used with every fast food items.

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Dabeli Masala + Spicy Chutney + Khati Mithi Chutney
Shri Hari Ready To use Dabeli Masala + Spicy Chutney + Khati Mithi Chutney which includes allspice you do not add any masala in this masala.

Dabeli Ingredients: Sugar, salt, coconut, taj, clove, star aniseed, red chili, tamarind paste, Dhana jeera, edible cottonseed oil, spices, and condiments.

Spicy Chutney Ingredients: Salt, Coconut, Sesame, Roasted Chana, Chillies, Compoundedasafoetida, Edible Oil

Khati Mithi Chutney Ingredients: Salt, dry dates, tomato powder, tamarind powder, amchur, chilli, cumin, cornflour.

Dabeli Masala



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