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Solapuri Chevda Masala (50gm)


  • Ready To Cook Masala.
  • No Need to Use Dry Masala & Salt.
  • No Onion, No Garlic Masala.
  • 100% Natural Products

Poha Chevda: Add 200g. Grinded Sugar in this whole packet masala and mix it well. Fry 500g thick rice flackes in hot oil for chivda, Add ready masala to it and mix it well. Add 100g hot oil in the mixer and tasty chivda is ready.

Makai Poha chivda can be prepared same way.


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Solapuri Chevda Masala
Shri Hari Ready To Cook Solapuri Chevda Masala which includes allspice you do not add any masala in this masala.

Ingredients: Salt, red chilies, amchur, tal, Rai, fennel Seeds, ajwain, poppy seeds compounded asafoetida, spices & condiments.

Solapuri Chevda


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