Sour & Spicy Mango Achar Masala (100gm/200gm/500gm)

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    • Ready To Use Masala.
    • No Need to Use Dry Masala & Salt.
    • 100% Natural Products

For 1kg. Raw Mango, 200g Pickle Masala is necessary.
Wash the raw mango and cut it into small pieces.
Add a little salt in mango pieces, keep it overnight and next day drain water from mango pieces and dry it.
Add little edible oil, then add Shri Hari Pickle masala in the mango pieces & mix it properly and keep it for two days in pan

Keep it in a jar bottle, add the edible oil to sink (First heat the edible oil and then let it cool)
SHRI HARI PICKLE MASALA can be useful for Mango-Caperberry (Gunda) Pickle, SHRI HARI MASALA can be useful with Khaman-Dhokla, Green Salad, Puri-Khakhra and to make Masala Rotla etc.


Sour & Spicy Mango Achar Masala (100gm/200gm/500gm)
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